Fun Fitness & Self Defence with Shaolin Kung Fu

Hi, I am Sijo Robert Z and you are welcomed to the Shaolin Kung Fu Academy Information and Members site!

Shaolin Kung Fu is not just a martial art but a Way of Life and Well-being! Yes, it uses the most advanced forms of kung fu to achieve a safe and fit level of health but is is not a just a martial art! That would be like calling an Architect who draws with a pencil on paper, a doodler.

Shaolin Kung Fu was developed from Yoga originally and over a period of 1000 years merged with Breathing Methods, Form Work, Body & Mind Toughening. Later, after the first burning of Shaolin the self protection aspect was added around 600 CE. All Shaolin Monks train this form of health and well being but only a few specialize in the martial art aspect. And this is exactly the same at the Shaolin Academy. We all learn and train Shaolin Kung Fu but you choose which aspect of the training you want to focus on!

You can choose on the hard martial art aspect of the Tiger or the soft flow of the Crane, you can choose to focus on the Traditional Forms aspect or the modern Stretching, Agility and Coordination. Everyone trains the same style but each person choose the flavor, the inclination of their training to suit their own needs;

for that is the very nature and spirit of Shaolin Kung Fu.

My team of professional and experienced instructors, and i, will guide you through your first 3 free sessions to experience the nature of Shaolin Kung Fu and the way of the Academy. With over 100 years of combined martial art and teaching experience, we will help you gain the most from your training and customize it to your personal needs. And when/if these needs change, because you become fitter, healthier, stronger and more coordinated (or any other reasons), we will help you to grow and develop your Kung Fu to suit!

No empty promises, no contracts and no traps. As a full time Kung Fu Master Kung Fu it is my calling and life! The quality of what we teach is most important to me and my team. We therefore do not wish to trap anyone in an agreement or contract. If you need a break, or the style is not right for you or any reason, you can just stop. No penalties or fees. And, if after a break you want to come back also no problem. Once you are a member, you are a member for life. So even if you come back 20 years later, you will be most welcome back!

When making important decisions, have three sleeps before you make a choice

That is why we give you three free session to see if what i tell you and what you read is right and correct. So come in and try out THREE FREE SESSIONS or;

You Will Never, Ever Know, Unless you give it a go, if you too, are Kung Fu!


And if you are more visual and experienced based,
we have a short introductory video!