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Recent news events suggest that violence due to drugs (Ice) and Alcohol is at an increase and that it is not being adequately managed. Yet, the days of smashing someone in the face even in self defence is over, as it will have both legal and civil ramifications. Which puts a lot of people in a no win situation; or so it seems.

Modern self-defence starts well before a situation has developed to the violence stage. The skill to 'manage the encounter' before it gets to blows needs to be backed up by skill and ability! Shaolin Kung Fu, developed 15 centuries ago by an order of peaceful monks is the ancient answer to this developing this skill. How to manage aggressions and violence in a safe, responsible and mostly non violent way. Shaolin Kung Fu is also a mature, advanced and exceedingly strong form of martial art which is adaptable to your way of 'doing' things; that's where the Animal Styles come into it!

But there is really only the one way to find out if this is right for you. Come in and see if Shaolin Kung Fu is the right style for you and enjoy three free try out sessions!

We invite you to come and see if we are right about it being the best there is! If you are looking for something with a bit of a metal and physical challenge which has an exceedingly wide variety of Traditional Kung Fu techniques; something that is safe and geared at the mature person; a style that is based and has elements of Yoga and Tai Chi, Meditation and Breathing.. Come and try out THREE FREE SESSIONS;

Else, You Will Never, Ever Know, Unless you give it a Go!

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  1. Shaolin Academy Training Locations
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  3. The Origins of Shaolin (kung fu)
  4. Why Shaolin is so Great

  5. The 1st Kung Fu Level (2nd) (3rd) (4th) (5th)
  6. Advanced Animal Kung Fu Styles
  7. Beyond Black Sash
  8. Shaolin Kung Fu History
  9. Training Kung Fu when Traveling

  10. About Traditional Chinese Weaponry Training
  11. Is it relevant to train Weaponry today?

  12. Our Principles Governing Practices
  13. Shaolin Academy People, History and Chronicles

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