Hi, I am Sijo Robert Z and it is my pleasure to invite you to Three Free Try-out sessions with us. No tricks and no contracts. We believe that everyone should at least try Shaolin Kung Fu 3 times. After this you either like it or you don't; and either way, you can cross it off your bucket list.

Not everyone likes Shaolin Kung Fu. As a 1478 year old style, there is a lot to learn so it is best suited for members who like the finer aspects of martial arts. We focus on the 'Arts' aspect of Martial Arts and see what makes a technique effective, where it is best applied and finding out which technique best suits the type of person you are and is inline with how you like doing things. To see if what we do you would like, come and try Shaolin Kung Fu for FREE three times. See where the closest venue to you is by visiting our Mordialloc on the Bay or Camberwell venue location page and give Shaolin Kung Fu a Go; or you will Never Ever Know, if you too are Kung Fu! *see Recording at the bottom of this page)

Our Guarantee to You!

No empty promises, no contracts and no traps. Our Word is our honor, for that is really all we have that is our; our Skills and our Honor. That is why we like you to have three free, no obligation session; to give you a good amount of time to try out and see if Shaolin Kung Fu is for you. This is based on an ancient Chinese Wisdom which states;

Before making important decisions, sleep three times!

Let me Introduce you to the Instructing Team

Sijo Robert Z Sifu Anthony C Sifu Martyn McD Sifu James R Sihing Damon H Sihing Matthew P Sibok Dagmar Z
Kung Fu Instructor Sijo Kung Fu Instructor Anthony Kung Fu Instructor Martyn Kung Fu Instructor James Kung Fu Instructor James Kung Fu Master Dagmar Kung Fu Master Dagmar
Chief Master
Instructor Temple Kung Fu
Instructor Animal Kung Fu
Keeper of Traditional Forms
Instructor Temple Kung Fu
Instructor Weaponry Kung Fu
Director Martial Art Competition
Instructor Temple Kung Fu
Instructor Lion Cubs Kung Fu
Specialist Cannon Fist Kung Fu
Ass Instructor Temple Kung Fu
Camberwell Venue
Ass Instructor Temple Kung Fu
Mordialloc Venue
Founder Shaolin Academy
Senior Master
Specialist Meditation & Tai Chi

Our Instructors go through a 5 year training program which help them develop the skills and tools needed to be a top quality Martial Arts teacher. this is in addition to the requirement to be a good Kung Fu practitioner by thoroughly learning what they will be teaching before they teach it. It can take up to 10 years before they achieve the full Sifu level.

A bit about the Academy and Shaolin

Established in 1992, we are a small Kung Fu academy numbering averaging 30 and 50 members. We do not teach you how to fight, we teach you how to manage conflicts, physical, mental, social and spiritual. Conflict, as such, is not a bad event when managed correctly. It is one of the main reasons for growth, development and improvement. Conflict, both internal and external which, when managed correctly helps us to grow stronger, tougher and smarter.

The foundation of Shaolin Kung Fu some 1500 years ago, was a combination of Indian Yoga and Chinese Breathing Exercises. The martial art aspect needed to be added after the first destruction of Shaolin and just enhanced the health and fitness training.

Only about 5% to 10% of Shaolin Monks were ever 'Warrior Monks' who protected the temple and residence in times of war and unrest. Thus, although teaching martial arts, Shaolin Kung Fu is not a martial art but a health, well-being and fitness style that focuses on balancing physical training with mentally challenges; but also spiritual calmness exercises that are of benefit to all in every day life not just in conflict situations.

That said, you can breath easier (literally) when in an adverserial situation, knowing that you have trained superior peaceful skills and strategies with which to manage a situation, be it to redirect it, calm it or stop it! Being a bit more relaxed and at easy in stress situations allows one to make better decisions. This in turn avoids bad consequences made in times of stress which than have to be managed later. That is actually the real strength of the Shaolin Style.

Peace, Health and Well-being in everyday life and Calm, Relaxed decisions when in Stress Situations.

Just 2 mins and a couple of seconds long, we show you just some snippets of our day-to-day training. Our real and normal students at the regular training, nothing fancy or spectacular, just the type of stuff you would be doing. And there are some indicative messages along the way about who we are and what we do. Enjoy the short 'promo'.

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Have fun and if you have any questions or even comments, please do write to us; we love hearing from you and, as we manage the WEB site ourselves, we like your suggestions how to improve the WEB site. Just email us (purple button!)