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The Peaceful Warriors Exercise

What use is Weaponry training today

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Why just exercise when you can Get Fit, Learn to understand and defend against Weaponed Attackers, improve your hand-eye coordination and re-enact 1000 year old Warrior Routines; all at the same time. Shaolin Traditional Chinese Weaponry Training, Saturdays Mordialloc 11am, 3 free classes to try out.

Warriors Training

Although structured exercise has been around for a while, warriors have been training to be healthy & fit for millennia. Much of this type of training is detrimental for modern lifestyle except for one; the Shaolin Way! Shaolin Monks almost never used weapons against other human beings yet they were know as the best oriental weapons masters. Through 1500 years of development and learning the Shaolin way of training has become one of the safest in the world.

We at the Shaolin Academy can boast that since our founding in 1992, we have not had a training related accident requiring more than a band aid, and this only every blue moon. And that is they way it should be! Learning to defend against weaponed attackers should not require for anyone to get hurt unless you are sloppy or rushing. And neither is right when preparing to learn the highest form of self-defence, are hand against weapons.


Although Australian Cinema may not be making Chinese Movies, Chinese & Indian Cinema are using Australia for Movie Making. Long before the Matrix there was Mr Nice Guy (Jacky Chan & Richard Norton) and many others that drew on Australian Martial Art talent to fill the martial art scenes. And it is not MMA or Karate or even TKD they used but Kung Fu!

Why Kung Fu? Kung Fu may be one of the oldest forms of formalized and still existing martial arts, home in the most populous country in the world, united under one government for over 2000 years. In this time it developed the most variations and forms making it undoubtable the richest martial art in the world. And like so, the historical weapons developed of this time may have a variety greater than any other 10 cultures put together.

In movies you require excellent, unique and interesting forms of display. This can not be offered by the McDonald's Martial Art of your local corner dojo. When the casting agents search for talent, they choose kung fu and kung fu weapons (as in Star Wars with Jonathan Rosenbaum).

Fun, Fitness & Self Defence

There are many reasons for training weaponry, the above is just one 'sweetener'. Most who train Shaolin Academy Kung Fu and Weaponry do it for the interest. With the great variety of Kung Fu Animal Styles and around 54 Weaponry styles there is something to keep your Mind and Body involved, interested and stimulated. For those who like learning new useable skills whilst whilst learning about history and culture, developing new skills and learning to defend themselves all the while, improving their health and fitness, Shaolin Academy Kung Fu and Traditional Chinese Weaponry is perfect.

Meditation & Relaxation

As a traditional form of exercise and Shaolin Kung Fu, Traditional Chinese Weaponry incorporates elements of Yoga, Tai Chi and Chi Kung. It is an integral part of our training and we do not consider this to be separate skills but part of the whole. In each class we have Breathing and Meditation, Stretching and Posture Exercises, Strengthening and Endurance Routines, Movement and Coordination Focus, all this before we even start the Great Weapon forms. If you would like to see them, have a look at the videos below.

A Complete Fitness & Strength Exercise

Aside from learning weaponry and weaponry defence, training of this type is real. It is not just throwing your hands about, juggling pins or rolling through hoops. You will be recreating history by learning what a Monks Spade is, the Brilliance of the Red Eagle Spear, power of the Tiger Fork, the elegance of the Wudang Sword or the practicality of the Shaolin Iron Staff. Not just exercises for the body but stimulation for the mind and food for the spirit. Using these weapons you will learn about yourself, improve your posture, increase you life-strength, learn to handle your self with control and power, and improve your fitness.

There are many advantages of training a structured, millennia proven form of practical exercise. It is proven; it is safe in the short and long term; it is useful not just for fitness; it is a complete form with spiritual, mental and physical components; it is interesting, stimulating the mind; it is historical with meaning and purpose; it is usable for acting, demonstrations, competitions and shows (we have had many fire twirlers and jugglers cross training with us). Do we sound a bit over the top about how spectacular traditional Chinese Weaponry training it? Good, because we really thing it is the best form of exercise you can do and will keep you interested for many, many years whilst making and keeping you fit, stimulated and involved. Try it out, first three classes free! Mordialloc, Saturday 11am!

For All Ages

It seems that martial arts if for kids, yoga for women and Tai Chi for oldie's. Shaolin on the other hand seems to abridge this gap with students aged 70+ training and having fun, next to students aged 20 to 40. Much of our Weapons Training is performed in the ancient way of Shaolin Dancing and when you see it you may call it Weaponed Tai Chi.

1471 years

Although originally sourced from Yoga and Indian Martial Arts, Shaolin 5 Animal Kung Fu and Shaolin Weaponry Kung Fu has had 1½ millennia of development. It needed to be adapted to many needs including Health and Fitness; Self-Defence, Relaxation & Meditation, Breathing Exercises and much more. This is one of the reason that Shaolin Kung Fu is so famous and well know (now days). It is considered to be the pinnacle of non-aggressive, advanced and intelligent martial arts in the world.


And yes, let's not forget, it is FUN, lot's of fun! Come by and try it out; Saturdays 11am in Mordialloc

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