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Shaolin martial Arts training at home!

Sijo Robert Z with the initial 50 Cyber Packs
Sijo Robert Z with the initial 50 Cyber Kung Fu Packs

On this Page

On this page is information about the Shaolin Kung Fu Academy's, Martial Art and traditional Chinese Weaponry Home Training program. Established in 1994, the Shaolin Academy Martial Art Home Training Program, Shaolin Cyber Kung Fu is one of the best and most workable programs currently available on the WEB and has been so for almost 20 years.


Since 1994 we have been providing Shaolin 5 Animal Kung Fu training materials and have reached over 100 countries. We started by distributing NTSC and PAL VHS tapes for about 4 years. We then switched to the DVD format still needing to make sperate formats for the US market (NTSC) and PAL for the rest of the world and SECAM for France and East Germany (also others). Around 2007 we switched to Blu Ray when it was clear that the HD vs Blu-Ray war was settled. Together with this the HD Video format was settled and agreed on which allowed for one Disc standard all over the world. Yet, only 2 years later it was evident that direct access through the Internet was the way to go into the future. Since this time we have been transferring and updating our materials for the WEB. All said and done though, the Shaolin Cyber Kung Fu program is now passing into it's 2nd decade as a mature and functional system. Soon we may be dealing with the 4k or Ultra HD (UHD) Video standard.

Introduction to the Shaolin Kung Fu Academy

To the right is a 2 minute video that we put together with the help of Shaolin Academy Students. It shows you the type of people we are, some of our training and what we do. It is by no means a professional video but good enough to show both the style that we do and the quality of the videos we now use as we update to full HD.

Just to be up front and frank, Shaolin Kung Fu is not a martial art but a life style art that goes far beyond what most any other martial art or sport would. That said, we do use martial arts as a main tool to achieve the outcomes of the Shaolin Art. But we also use some aspects of Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Feldenkrais as well as modern concepts of Core Strengthening, Cardio Fitness, Skeletal Muscle Strengthening and many more. Although you may be a Personal Fitness Trainer and Yoga Instructor in 6 weeks, a martial art Black Belt in as little as 3 years, it generally take almost 10 years to be a fully qualified Shaolin Kung Fu Instructor (just for comparison). There is much more to Shaolin training than can be shown or explained in a short time.

You guide and instructor to the Shaolin Cyber Kung Fu program is Sijo Robert Z, a veteran martial artist who has been training since 1962 and teaching Shaolin since 1992. He states 'One of the reasons Shaolin is superior to most other forms of exercise, fitness and lifestyle art is because when not only look at the what and how but seek to understand the why!/'.

Just below is the original introduction to the Cyber Program from 1997 (we don't have the very original from 1994 anymore, although in that one Sijo looked happier....

This is the level overview for the 2nd Temple Level leading to Red Sash and the to the advanced 5 Animal Kung Fu. This recording is from around 2004'ish.

Finally, to the right is the Training Module from Gray Sash covering the 2nd most important skill of Blocking, Evading and Jamming. In this level we cover the 5 Iron Shield Blocks (of which we show 2 on the video to the right), possibly the most important set of blocks you may ever learn. Although we also have the Crane System of blocks on Level 2 and 3, the Iron Bar System of Blocks on Level 4 and 5 (these are also part of iron Body Kung Fu) and after this also Snake, Crane and Panther Blocks, these initial 5 blocks are very important and the foundation to many other blocks.

As you can see, this is also one of the original 90's recordings and the quality was a bit deteriorated before we transferred it to DVD than WEB video. But from a content, details and information point of view, it has everything that you will need to learn the Iron Shield Blocks and Blocking system.

We use a number of ways of showing and explaining each technique including;

  • split screen so you see the demonstration from the front and side
  • slides to focus on the most important points and show hidden detail
  • simple animations and block figures to direct you on the special detail of each technique
  • close-ups from different angles to give you a better view and perspective of the relevant section of a technique
  • showing you some repetitions of the technique so that you can see how to train and practice it
  • But there is also one more detail that we at Shaolin show which many other forms of sport and martial art do not do; in addition to the How and What of a skill we also explain the Why; why to do it so and/or why this is best to do it this way. This enables you not only to learn and become skilled but also know what to focus on to make the best of your body and being; customize the technique for you way and style.

Who is this program best suited to?

Over the past 20 years many people from around the world have become Shaolin Cyber Kung Fu members. Many of these have told us why they chose our program and here are the top 5 reasons;

They wish to cross train from their main style (Karate, Tae Kwan Do, Judo, Jujitsu, etc.).
They want to do Kung Fu but it is not available where they live or in a reasonable distance.
They like what they see on the WEB page and/or prefer to work at their own pace and time.
They travel and can not commit to any local school or style for any reasonable duration
They want to train Shaolin Kung Fu.

That is why people start training with us but that is not always the reason they remain with us. We have regular communications with many of our students. Following are some examples;

Student Feedback

Hello Master Z,

It's been a while since I wrote to you and let you know how I was going with my white sash Cyber Kung Fu. You'll be happy to know that while it has been slow going it is still going. Even thought I had reviewed the materials a number of times I found that I was losing too much of my form and technique when I started to follow the training video. So now I am just following the learning video until it becomes rock solid.

I have a few questions, I noticed on the video's that after a form or move is performed, your students exhale with a sound, I know that in sport exhaling with sound or a word helps to focus and expel energy, what I was wondering is if this is what your students are doing, and what is the word/sound that they are making?

Also if you could properly explain to me when you would use the formal greeting and what is the proper way to do it? I have seen it used in the video's but I would just like to know more about it.

I think that is about it, I will have a photo of me soon, so that way you can see who I am, and hopefully feel a bit more personal. Just so you know I will give you a brief description about me attached to the photo, in my next email to you.

Thanks again for providing people like me the opportunity to learn kung-fu, I am very gratefully.

Yours in learning

More Feedback
  1. Juliet B

  2. Robinson D

  3. Chris T

  4. James T

  5. Chris C

  6. Bryan S

  7. Troy D

Grading and Evaluation Feedback

Many, many members have successfully Learned, Trained and Graded the Shaolin Cyber program. And make no mistake, it is a proper Kung Fu grading and evaluation. When you are ready you record yourself doing everything that is on the Shaolin Kung Fu Academy - Level Curriculum Card (samples to right). It is the identical curriculum to what we do here locally in the Academy. When you are qualified with the Shaolin Academy through the Cyber Kung Fu program you are the same as the Academy students.

When you apply for examinations we tell you what to do. In a nut shell, you record yourself doing all the listed; warm-up then techniques - 10 times from the front and 10 times from the side, systems, routines and self-defence - 3 times from the front and 3 times from the side, the form twice - once from the front and once from the side and finally include the theory component as listed in the CC in you application e-mail. We then give you the details for an FTP upload site ( or you can use any video sharing site you have a preference for. We just need the recording to be clear and well light without background light and interference. About 1 to two weeks after we have the video you will receive a detailed feedback that may look like the one below (taken from a real 2014 Grading).

Shaolin Kung Fu Academy, gray Sash Curriculum Card

Following is the feedback a student received after Grading for White Sash. The times refer to the place in the Grading video that the comments refer to;

Detailed Grading Feedback


  1. Your right foot is turned out a bit and your left foot a little; these should be parallel to each-other and pointing directly forward. (major point)
  2. Your knees should be off-lock (major point)
  3. In the left and right twisting, your back hand is mean to be parallel to the floor, as if you are pushing off the floor (minor point) 6.06 min (like in the Emei Shan Form 52.19 min)
  4. When entering the Dragon Stance, your first perform the Horse Stance; always 7.18 min
  5. Front of Leg Stretch, the toes should be in-line with the leg not turned in as in 8.46 min
  6. Donkey Kicks CHANGED (our bad) should be a lift upwards rather than a kick backwards 14.00 min
  7. V Leg Stretch, head up else breathing is difficult (Major Point) 15.22 min (as in the side stretch (towards your toes 16.30 min) you do directly after which is perfect!
  8. ALL Sitting stretches, head forward NOT down (major point)

Warm-up Result ... Very good bordering on Excellent. When the above points are fixed the mark will be distinction, which is the requirement for Red Sash. At this point you receive a Credit + (75%) result.

Kung Fu

  1. Horse Stance - Buddha Palm RELAX the shoulders 27.06
  2. Your Guard Stance is Exceptionally Good, actually very good 85% (Distinction)
  3. Midsection Block needs to go a bit further across the body, more hip turn 30.16 min
  4. Outside Block excellent; a bit more wrist twist and it would be perfect. 31.11 min
  5. Upper Block needs to be a bit further across; see attached image - UpperBlock.jpg
  6. Lower Block excellent, except left-to-right side at different angles and distances from/to the body. 33.50 min
  7. Straight Punch; everything excellent but a little to much extension in the elbow and thus the wrist a bit to straight; have a look at the explanation again regarding arm bends when punching. 37.57 min
  8. Straight Punch should be aimed at the solar plexus height!
  9. Inverted Straight Punch is a bit like doing the Midsection Block; it first comes up a bit like an upper punch and then shoots out forward; 38.45
  10. More shoulder and hip and the Square Rolling/Chain Punching please 40.05 min
  11. Toes too far outwards in your stance horse in the Punching System 41.35 min
  12. Front Kick is good but it would be stronger and more effective if your knee was lifted higher before projecting forward; at 45.02 you kick but your knee is not at max hight. The kicking action is more like a stomping rather than kicking a football (or some such)
  13. Reverse Elbows Brilliant.
Emei Shan Form

  1. Bow, also at solar plexus height; as to not obstruct your view (amongst others) and relax the shoulders. 49.37
  2. The Form is very nice.
Self Defence Routines

  1. SD1 - Review this in regards to dropping much lower in the stance; review please.

  1. Brilliant, Distinction!

Very nice, you pass with Credit (75%). Very clear and disciplined and the only half-concern is item 20 the 1st SD technique. Please review this but no regrading required. You have an Unconditional Pass and are promoted to White Sash in Shaolin Kung Fu.

The feedback covers the exceptions; what was very good (75%+) and what needs work (~60%)! If it is not mentioned, you passed that item. For example; in the above feedback items 10, 21, 23 and 25 are mentioned as being in the 75%+ range. There are no items that the member failed in so that is good. So the items listed need fine tuning and improvement before the person attempts Grading for Red Sash (which requires to cover all the items from gray to Green Sash.

But that is not all that is covered in each level. Although you will not be graded on these items we also cover such items as;

Visual Meditation

This program is particularly effective if you use it as an aid for your Visual Meditation. .

It's an old cliché of the aged master telling his troubled student to go and meditate on the problem is not far wrong, except in modern day we know to focus on the solution. The Shaolin Cyber Kung Fu Instructional Program is ideal for this; not only for distance students but also for the in-house Kwoon students.

There is a simple step by step process that you can follow to achieve the best results, no matter if you are a member of the Shaolin Academy or trying this from across the world;

  1. Look at the material 3 to 5 times until you are familiar with it; until you can see it in your minds eye.
  2. Switch off the sound and look at the recording again, this time placing yourself (mentally) into the recording to take place of the person demonstrating. Do this until you can visualize the whole technique, routine, section or such without the need for the recording.
  3. Now stand up and re-enact the pertinent portions of the recording, the portions that assistant you are replacing is performing; if possible in front of a mirror. At this point you will/may/should notice what you have forgotten and you may need to repeat the process from the beginning.
  4. If the item is more complex, you may need to chunk down into several parts at which time the 4th step is to start putting the components together. For example, you may have been focusing on a Block to get it right; now start the process again but this time focus on the bottom part of the body and have your Stance/Posture right. Once you have done this start from the beginning but do both, the Block correctly on the correct posture. You may need to do this several times when learning the form, just break it down into manageable chunks!
  5. A little down the track, when you feel you have Learned and Trained the item enough, you record yourself with a video camera both from the front and then turn sideways; and the take a good look at yourself, compare it to the Cyber Material material. And when you feel that the two are very similar (allow for some individual interpretation) you send the recording in to the Shaolin Academy for evaluation and if appropriate for promotion and Certification!

Who can train using the Shaolin Cyber Program

No martial art experience in needed! Everything is covered in a plain and simple way. Even if your English is very limited, the recordings are very easy to follow. Every item is explain in Word, Picture & Action! Since 1996 we have receive a lot of feedback and have with each revision of the program incorporated all the feedback possible to ensure that you have the best possible Martial Art, Kung Fu Instructional Material. Each level has a clear curriculum to fulfill and follow. Just to give you an overview, the Curriculum Cards for the 5 Levels are accessible below.

Shaolin 5 Animal Kung Fu
Emei Shan Gray Sash

Shaolin 5 Animal Kung Fu
Kwantung White Sash

Shaolin 5 Animal Kung Fu
Fukien Yellow Sash

Shaolin 5 Animal Kung Fu
Wudang Orange Sash

Shaolin 5 Animal Kung Fu
Shaolin Green Sash

What do you need to train?

You can train anywhere, anytime any part of the program.; in a hotel room, beach, forest, gym, etc. All you need is a 7 foot by 7 foot (2.2m by 2.2m) square area and either an Internet Connection or a Mobile device that plays these recordings. Once registered, you are authorized to download the recordings and put them on your Lap Top, Video enabled Phone, Palm Tops or anything the like.

Full Support from Sijo Robert Z

You have a problem, do not understand something, an item is unclear or you are just unsure; e-mail Sijo Robert Z and if you would like to know about the Academy;s Chief Instructor, just have a look.

What Now?

All we ask of you is that you "Register Yearly" as a Shaolin Cyber Kung Fu student through Pay Pal to of $20 for the 1st 5 Temple Levels and then $35 for the Advanced levels leading to Black Sash. This will give you access to receive help and support in your training from Sijo Robert Z who is the Author & Presenter in the Videos. The only other cost involved is when you are ready to Grade and be promoted to the next level as an instructor level student is needed to sit there and review the material and write you a report. All this is explained at the bottom in the "I am Ready to Grade" Video.

Once you are registered you can write to Sijo to clarify any of the techniques you are learning and training; it's that easy. But please take the following warning seriously. We have not had a reported sports injury with the Cyber Training since it's inception in 1996. We believe the program has been developed to Optimize Safety without Compromising Shaolin Kung Fu. Yet, we still believe that your should Think, Train and be Safe when learning Shaolin 5 Animal Kung Fu!

Reading beyond this paragraph you agree to follow the instructions given on these WEB pages, in a safe and responsible way including the following rules;

  1. Do not cause harm through action or inaction if anyway possible and/or reasonable
  2. Do not break the law unless your safety is compromised or the safety of the persons in your charge
  3. Do not misuse your skills;
  4. Do not bully or intimidate
  5. Do not initiate violent, threatening or intimidating action

Only use Shaolin Academy Kung Fu for fitness, competition, fun, development and when needed self defence. NEVER initiate the course of violence. If you agree to this, please read the following also and only continue if you are in agreement with both this and the below.


The Shaolin Academy only makes this material available, beyond this point, under the provision that you, the user (reader, potential student, interested person, etc.), indemnify the Shaolin Academy, it's Master & Instructors; and any person or persons from any liability arising from you following, learning, using or anything else derived from any Word, Picture, Video on the Shaolin Academy WEB pages! If you can not agree to this please click here NOW.

On this WEB site you will find information about quite a number of Kung Fu Styles, Systems and Techniques as well as complete Style Training Programs (Cyber Training). The Colored Tiles Below are direct links to the pages with the Information and training. The Grayed-out Tiles are the Programs, Styles and Information we are still working on bringing to the WEB. If there is anything in particular you are interested in, let us know; we may have some info on the topic. Write to us at Shaolin Academy; Thank you - Sijo Robert Z

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