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Shaolin Martial Arts training at home!

Sijo Robert Z with the initial 50 Martial Art Cyber Packs
Sijo Robert Z with the initial 50 Cyber Kung Fu Packs of 1996

Information how you can learn traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, on-line, at home!

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You will find all the information and background to the Shaolin Kung Fu Academy Cyber Kung Fu home-training program and a bit about the Shaolin Academy.

Background to the Academy and it's Chief Instructor

Shaolin Kung Fu Academy was founded in 1992 by Sijo Robert Z, who started his martial art training in 1962. After 30 years of martial art experience with various styles including Judo, Karate, Aikido, Sijo was late to come to kung fu in 1982. He was so enthralled by kung fu that he managed to average around 30 hours of kung fu training a week for the years of 1984 through 1990.

Many things happened in 1990 including his fathers death, Sijo promotion to HQ Engineering and others. This led to an unruly period which also saw him cross train with many different martial art styles including Tae Kwan Do, Wing Chung, Ninjitsu and others, as well as the foundation of the Shaolin Academy in 1992. In his day job he was tasked of developing a Training Program for Electronic, Digital Communication Engineers in the field to keep them abreast of the most recent Telecommunications Technologies in a hands on way. With the help of a team the Cyber Training Program was developed based around a combination of multimedia including Video, PC Powerpoint slides and presentation backed by an on-line support person. This worked really well. Through this Sijo was put in charge of the company's Health Awareness, Learning and Development.

In 1994 the Academy already had a number of members, some very dedicated and it was that year that the first of these had to move to another state but wanted to continue the training using weekly recording of the Training. Soon this merged with the lessons learned from the Cyber Program and a full system of was developed which is now the Shaolin Academy Cyber Program. Although there were some doubters the Shaolin Cyber Program was a great success for our traveling Members, those who could not always be there to train, but was also picked up by many North Americans and Europeans. By 1999 we had distributed by Tape, CD and the DVD to 100 countries.

We started by distributing NTSC and PAL VHS tapes for about 4 years. We then switched to the DVD format still needing to make sperate formats for the US market (NTSC) and PAL for the rest of the world and SECAM for France and East Germany (also others). Around 2007 we switched to Blu Ray when it was clear that the HD vs Blu-Ray war was settled. Together with this the HD Video format was settled and agreed on which allowed for one Disc standard all over the world. Yet, only 2 years later it was evident that direct access through the Internet was the way to go into the future. Since this time we have been transferring and updating our materials for the WEB. All said and done though, the Shaolin Cyber Kung Fu program is now passing into it's 2nd decade as a mature and functional system. Soon we may be dealing with the 4k or Ultra HD (UHD) Video standard. But the important thing about all this is, we have over 20 years of real experience delivering a Kung Fu training program at a distance. This is second to non-other!

Who is the Shaolin 5 Animal Kung Fu Academy

We are not a commercial entity whereby we rarely advertise, we do not have membership drives and we offer no specials if you join today for 1 year. We don't even have the popular term contracts. We are more interested in Training and Teaching Kung Fu to those who really want to learn the art and style rather than get-fit-quick-for-summer.

To the right is a 2 minute video that we put together with the help of Shaolin Academy member. It is a cross section of some of our training featuring our day to day members training and what we train. It is by no means a professional and we did not just choose anyone special for the recording. We just recorded what we do in a normal months worth of training. If you like it, let us know, if you don't like it, let us know too; we appreciate the feedback.

One Moment Please

Although many people think Shaolin Kung Fu is a Martial Art, it's not! It's like saying a Carpenter who is using a hammer is just a hammerer. In Chinese, kung fu (meaning 'work' or “achievement” and “man”, or fu, a particle or suffix that can mean 'intensity') can be generally used to any outstanding individual accomplishment or skill cultivated through long effort and hard work. It is only in the late twentieth century, that this term was used in relation to martial arts. Wushu or War Art is the official name used by the Chinese Government but we feel that Shaolin dose not have anything to do with WAR and thus we continue to use Kung Fu and your Kung Fu can be good as a Carpenter, Architect, Street Cleaner of a Shaolin Martial Art practitioner!.

Thus to be clear, Shaolin Kung Fu Academy uses Chinese Shaolin based Martial Arts to achieve many outcomes including; health, fitness, artistry, expression, and many more. But Shaolin is not defined or limited by this tool, rather seeks to define it in modern and proactive ways. Shaolin Academy does not teach how to fight, bash or bully people but teacher how to help you to manage situations that may otherwise find you physically, mentally or spiritually intimidated. We do not fight, we MANAGE situation to the best possible outcome.

Peace is not absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means. - Ronald Reagan

Welcome to the Shaolin Academy Cyber Kung Fu Program

Hi, I am Sijo Robert Z, Master of the Shaolin Academy and the main presenter and guide throughout the Cyber Kung Fu program!

It is a pleasure to be able to spread the art of Shaolin Kung Fu to the world using this gloriously anarchistic medium we call the WEB. I am your guide and instructor to the Shaolin Cyber Kung Fu program. It has become one of my 5 main reasons for living and looking forward to the next day being able to be showing, teaching and opening Shaolin Kung Fu to the world; really!

But i am not for everyone! I have strong believe in preventing the use of martial arts for violence. Oh, i don't mind two warriors entering the ring and fighting it out as long as both are consensual and are made aware of the long term risks. I loved my times in the full contact circuit and it taught me a lot. But i am not for using martial art lightly even in self defence. You hurt people, it stays with you and weighs down your Soul/Spirit/Shen. I think violence can make you a bitter lonely grumpy old fart. We have enough of those already without adding to it.

Shaolin Kung Fu should make you healthy, fit, well coordinated, graceful, improve your posture, breathing and earth chi. It should make you confident not because you think yourself better than everyone else but because you know what you can do irrespective of everyone else. Inner confidence through ability not domination of others though intimidation. The difference between being a Rock or a Bully. But back to my original statement, i am not for everyone and Shaolin is also not for everyone. So have a look at the 2nd recording to the left, now also over 10 years old and possibly needs updating. See if me gassing on and explaining things is bearable for you. The people featured in this video are Shaolin Academy members, some of them the best in the World!

But the proof is in the trying and in the results. We have a number of members feedback over the years so have a quick look at one or two of these to see what they say and how they say it. It should give you a different input the the nature and quality of the Cyber Program. This is just below and that is enough from me. Thank you for taking the time to read, listen and watch so far and hope to see you as a Cyber or Kwoon member soon. Any questions, write to me!

Sijo Robert Z

More Feedback


Hello Master Z,

It's been a while since I wrote to you and let you know how I was going with my white sash Cyber Kung Fu. You'll be happy to know that while it has been slow going it is still going. Even thought I had reviewed the materials a number of times I found that I was losing too much of my form and technique when I started to follow the training video. So now I am just following the learning video until it becomes rock solid.

I have a few questions, I noticed on the video's that after a form or move is performed, your students exhale with a sound, I know that in sport exhaling with sound or a word helps to focus and expel energy, what I was wondering is if this is what your students are doing, and what is the word/sound that they are making?

Also if you could properly explain to me when you would use the formal greeting and what is the proper way to do it? I have seen it used in the video's but I would just like to know more about it.

I think that is about it, I will have a photo of me soon, so that way you can see who I am, and hopefully feel a bit more personal. Just so you know I will give you a brief description about me attached to the photo, in my next email to you.

Thanks again for providing people like me the opportunity to learn kung-fu, I am very gratefully.

Yours in learning

Why train with the Shaolin Academy Cyber Program

Originally, we started the program because our Members needed to travel and wanted to continue to train with the Shaolin Academy. We made recording of our training sessions and sent it to them on VHS tape (yes, that is how long ago the program started!). But this did nothing for them when learning new materials, we needed to have a way of explaining to them new materials, forms and techniques. At the time, Sijo was a Learning and Development Manager with a large company. He managed the training for 50,000 people including persons who were not able to come to training courses because they were to remote of far away. Using the same principles as in the company the program was developed with very clear curriculum, minimum requirements and a Accreditation and Feedback process; a way that members could send themselves performing the materials and be either helped to improve or accredited! This ensured that Cyber Members were not going of course.

Today, with internet video sharing, members upload a recording of what they are doing and receive feedback, quality and detailed feedback, usually within 72 hours; all easy! To the right you have some select feedback we have received over the 20+ years of doing this. As we guarantee your anonymity and we do not store your information, we have also only used partial names for the people who gave us feedback!

Some reasons for training with the Cyber Program

Traveling; has become quite normal in many professions. Hotel room to hotel room, weeks away on site, on a rig or even traveling on the road in a truck. No matter what the travel is, if you can have a tablet or lap top, all the material can be downloaded and available even if the internet is not! Just remember the times you were bored sitting around somewhere possibly even in a bar thinking that you could put the time to good use and work on your health and fitness!

Performance Art; is something that many people dabble with. From extras to minor roles, hero jobs and even stunt work; martial art training has become an essential aspect of many movies, theater and shows. Especially such a practical and diverse style as Shaolin Kung Fu and traditional Chinese Weaponry with it's unique feel and exceedingly wide variety goes well beyond the usual 'hit-them-in-the-face styles and allows artistic expression and individuality whilst maintaining a real function and believability. From far fetched wire work of Chinese Cinema and Hollywood fils such as the matrix to real fighting action and skills like Jacky Chan.

Cross Training; is a great way to enhance your abilities, increase your skills as well as understanding your own current style of martial art. We have had many martial artists commenting that having a look at their own style from the outside gave them a greater understanding of what they were doing.

Remote Location; being in the middle of nowhere, far north Queensland or Quebec, central US or Hawaii Islands you may not find a good quality traditional and safe Kung Fu school. Although martial arts is one of the top 5 sports in the world, usually you just find the McDonald's corner martial art studio in your area. For quick get fit, they are usually good but for detailed quality of martial art and the important "Why is it so?", these schools are just not right.

When ever - What Ever. With the Cyber program you train what you need, when you need and can. So, if you need to spend some extra time getting that kick right, no problem, you are the master of the program and you make it work for you.

21st century Hours?; Weekend work, shift work, part-time, early morning, late evenings, etc.. Not easy to find a martial art school that will fit around your hours that is not a McDonald's martial art..

Forms and Style; more for the exercise, the flow not the punch, the movement not the contact. All easy with the Cyber Program. You train what you want and we give you feedback on what you need! We have possibly the widest range of Kung Fu and weaponry forms available currently on the WEB. You see our complete availability listing after the Indemnity Information further down the page!

There are many more reasons for training with the Cyber Program and one final reason is that we have been around for over 20 years and we intend to be around for another 20 years, at least!

Who can train using the Shaolin Cyber Program

No martial art experience in needed! Everything is covered in a plain and simple way. Even if your English is very limited, the recordings are very easy to follow. Every item is explain in Word, Picture & Action! Since 1996 we have receive a lot of feedback and have with each revision of the program incorporated all the feedback possible to ensure that you have the best possible Martial Art, Kung Fu Instructional Material. Each level has a clear curriculum to fulfill and follow. Just to give you an overview, the Curriculum Cards for the 5 Levels are accessible below.

What do you need to train?

You can train anywhere, anytime any part of the program.; in a hotel room, beach, forest, gym, etc. All you need is a 7 foot by 7 foot (2.2m by 2.2m) square area and either an Internet Connection or a Mobile device that plays these recordings. Once registered, you are authorized to download the recordings and put them on your Lap Top, Video enabled Phone, Palm Tops or anything the like.

Full Support from Sijo Robert Z

You have a problem, do not understand something, an item is unclear or you are just unsure; e-mail Sijo Robert Z and if you would like to know about the Academy;s Chief Instructor, just have a look.

What Now?

All we ask of you is that you "Register Yearly" as a Shaolin Cyber Kung Fu student through Pay Pal to sijo@shaolin.com.au of $29 for the 1st 5 Temple Levels and then $39 for the Advanced levels leading to Black Sash. This will give you access to receive help and support in your training from Sijo Robert Z who is the Author & Presenter in the Videos. The only other cost involved is when you are ready to Grade and be promoted to the next level as an instructor level student is needed to sit there and review the material and write you a report. All this is explained at the bottom in the "I am Ready to Grade" Video.

Once you are registered you can write to Sijo to clarify any of the techniques you are learning and training; it's that easy. But please take the following warning seriously. We have not had a reported sports injury with the Cyber Training since it's inception in 1996. We believe the program has been developed to Optimize Safety without Compromising Shaolin Kung Fu. Yet, we still believe that your should Think, Train and be Safe when learning Shaolin 5 Animal Kung Fu!

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Beyond this Point...

Where as the above has been information about the Shaolin Red Eagle Spear, understanding and such, what comes next is the actual learning to use the Red Eagle Spear. This can be dangerous so we feel obliged to make you aware of a number of matter in relation to Safety, Shaolin Principles and how to get the best from the materials we provide. WE STRONGLY recommend that you read all of the following and agree to follow all the rules and guides. 50 years of teaching and training martial arts and weaponry has taught me that the only short cut is to the hospital via an ambulance. Shaolin is not a style to be rushed no matter how many Dans or Degrees you have.


The Shaolin Academy only makes this material available, beyond this point, under the provision that you, the user (reader, potential student, interested person, etc.), indemnify the Shaolin Academy, it's Master & Instructors; and any person or persons from any liability arising from you following, learning, using or anything else derived from any Word, Picture, Video on the Shaolin Academy WEB pages! A detailed Indemnity and Condition of Use statement is available and we strongly suggest you READ IT. If you can not agree to this please click here NOW.

Note - Yes a statement like this can seem very 'dicky' but we would rather make you aware of potential risks in training martial arts and weaponry rather than having you hurt yourself.

Conditions of Use and Training Rules for ALL

Welcome, i am Sijo Robert Z, the person who developed the Cyber Kung FU Home Training program. There are a few things i need you to do before you continue any further. Please do read through all the materials relating to your safety and training rules and we feel you will have the most from the information provided here and will have this in the safest way. So enjoy and be safe.

The form on the right→ is information presented to all students who enter the Shaolin Academy Venue and wish to try out the training. We expect that they and you follow these rules when training or using Shaolin Academy teachings and Kung Fu!

We expect that if follow the conditions and indemnities set out on the form to the right&rarr: and that you agree to abide by these. Please read the form carefully and if you do not agree with this move on to another site and style. If there are any aspects that you do not understand or are not sure about, please write to us immediately and we will seek to understand and clarify if possible! I have a question about the indemnity conditions and details

It is the Law, the Rule of Law and Rules that allow us to be free;
Imagine driving a car down a road if there were no street rules and laws; just imagine!~ Sijo

In addition to the Indemnity, Blue Form, we also speak to our prospective new members and clarify the important points and rules. Please look at the following closely and again, if you disagree with any point either write to us for clarification or go away!

Safety first and Always. If you can hurt or damage yourself or someone else, do not do it!. Shaolin Kung Fu is a way of life and health, not pain and anger.

Lawful when training, at the Shaolin Academy or in the Shaolin Academy uniform fully or partially. Unless your safety is compromised or the safety of the persons in your charge stay within the bounds of the Law as you know it.

Equality means that all humans are equal even if we sometimes do not see it; treat all with respect and dignity. No, do not treat them as you would want to be treated as this assumes your wishes are everybody's wishes; treat them with respect and dignity considering their special needs if any!

Honor is the way of Shaolin and the Shaolin Academy. Our motto is "Of Word and Will" which means have the will to keep your word and speak the true word of your will; but with dignity and compassion. Be honorable.

Appropriateness means that you only use Shaolin Kung Fu for fitness, competition, fun, development and only when needed for self defence and protection. Never initiate the course of violence. Most importantly, Fun, have fun learning.

Drugs and Alcohol; can be deadly when misused or when the effects are not considered before taking any actions. No matter what type of Alcohol or Drugs, everything has a side effect, some more than others. If there is any doubt, err on the side of caution. Have a look at your eyes in the mirror. If they are blood-shot or there are very visible streaks of gray make sure you are really ready for a good workout; else make it a light session!

Sickness and Unwell-being; It's really stupid to tax your system, when it is trying to heal it self. Gentle exercise may be OK but than again, have you consciously had a 'good look at yourself' and seen how you feel? IF YOU ARE NOT CONTAGIOUS you may be able to come to training and participate in the stretching or even do some light training. But at home, by yourself, err on the side of caution!

Things going wrong Are you having one of those days? Many reason contribute to use 'not being all there'. Stress, bad night rest, oncoming sickness or simply not enough me time. But if it is such a day, again, you can join in to the warm-up but tell the instructor that it has been 'one-of-those-days' and take it easy. If you home training, take a rest and if the feeling persists, see a suitable Medical Professions

Respect the Area Please Bow in and Out of every class and training area where you train. be it with the Academy or at home. Stop before entering and Bow to the Area or to the Instructor. check that all is as it should be. Same when just leaving the training area, even for a few minutes for a bathroom break. Bow in and Out of the training area always!

Interruptions In training Stop means Stop! Or if you are training at home, if someone enters your training area, or there is any distraction, stop and attend to it before continuing training.

Energy Levels if you need to sit or lean during training, your training session is over. Perform the cool-down and call it a day. Leaning and sitting down suggests that you do not have enough (safe) energy to continue training. It is good to recognize when your energy's are down and it is good to act accordingly. If you are too tired to stay standing, then stop training and cool down!

Peace; is paramount, not only world peace but your inner peace where it all starts. Switch of any phones, noise, radio, etc. if you can and remove any distractions during training (if possible, don't throw the baby out the window!). Chatter, comments and such can be very disruptive to those who are concentrating on learning. Unless it is an essential to the technique or a requirement of training . . .shut-up; even at home. This is your Emei Shan moment.

If in any doubt about any of the above Rules, your training, a technique or anything; contact Sijo

Choose Wisely the people you listen to,
they will either raise you and make you grow or
use you so that they can raise themselves;
there are only those choices.

If you can not agree to these conditions click on this line, else continue on down to the training information.

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What you need to train Shaolin Academy Material at home!

As mentioned above, we really know how to achieve the best possible safe result from your online training. All the effort you put into your preparation will pay of in dividends as you use any Shaolin Academy Materials. Please, do take the time and be familiar with the Safety and Training process we recommend you follow.

Following the Instructions is best when you can see and hear them well. Place your viewing device far enough away that you do not accidentally hit it but close enough to hear and see what is being explained!

Training Area of around 2m by 2m or 7ft by 7ft without any obstacles or low over-hangs is best. Most of the training we do can be managed using this space. This size even has a traditional implications when the so called Boxers were training in secret for the Boxer Rebellion, many did so on Junkets, small wooden ships in the bay. the space their was approximately this size but the ceiling was less than 5 ft; so they did exceptionally good hose stances. This is also where we get our Kama Square Pattern.

Preparation and Warm-up is always a good habit to get into. Yes, i know the fallacious argument about not being able to prepare when defending in the street but then again, you don't get attacked as often as you train. So, prevent injury with the Shaolin Academy Warm-up; set-up your mindset by putting on a uniform and sash; have a towel and bottle of water ready and review the items you are about to learn or train.

Calm Awareness of your self and your surroundings. If you find your energy waning or you wanting to sit and rest, STOP. If a short rest in Natural Stance can not overcome the feeling, sit-down and do your cool down stretches.

Pain = No Brain Pain is a survival instinct and in times of War, Emergency and Danger, by all means ignore it. But you are an idiot if you do not listen to the messages your body sends you and understand what it needs. No, i do not mean the scratching impulse, by all means ignore irritants but not pain.

Training Aids are not essential or even greatly needed. And if you do use something, use something you have or can make yourself. That is the way of Shaolin. Yes, you can improve your quality of training by seeing yourself in a reflected surface but it can just be that and does not need to be a full length mirror wall. Other items that may be of help when the time is right is Impact Mitts and Bag and eventually full Sparring Gear.

E-mail Support from Sijo Robert Z

Everybody get's stuck and at some point demotivate and once this happens it is difficult to restart. Sijo Robert Z has been helping Cyber students with their training since the program started in 1996. He has helped many Cyber Members get over the problems and continue to successful completions and advancement in to the next level. For this we ask a small yearly contribution of USD29/y and that is for the whole year. This is a reoccurring payment that you can cancel with PayPal anytime, no hassles and no regrets. Just click on the Subscribe button below and become a member. We will contact you as soon as PayPal clears the funds.

You will never ever know, unless you give it a go!

If you wish to train the Shaolin Red Eagle Spear; you must agree to be safe and responsible, indemnify the Academy and Instructors and follow the rules and guides as stated above. Register yourself with a $35/y reoccurring subscription with the Shaolin Academy. You will then receive Master Level support when you ask for it to help you there where you need it. Once you have subscribed you will receive confirming e-mails from both PayPal (almost immediately) and the Shaolin Academy (within 72 hours) with instructions how to proceed. And when you are ready book your for a Assessment or just a Review below at the bottom of this page.

US $35/y
The Safe Way to Pay

You become wise by learning from your mistakes . . . but you are wise if you learn from other peoples mistakes!

Preparation for Training

Chinese Kung Fu and Weaponry WEB based Distance Eduction and Instruction Program

1 - Before, before, before you do any training, you need to prepare your body, mind and spirit with a warm-up, at least 20 minutes. You may have your own routine but here is a suggestion. It should be 10 minutes plus half your age in minutes in duration. As a 20y→20 minutes minimum, 30y→25mins, 40y→30mins, 50y→35mins, 60y→40mins, 70y→45mins, 80y→50mins, 90y→55mins, 100y→1hr. If you can do that, you can't do this (72 Fist training!).

2 - Having Martial Art experience is bot an advantage and a disadvantage. Every style has their uniqueness and fundamental principles. With experience you will be able to pick these up quickly but may have problems re-learning. Without experience you may be a blank slate but may not always find the essential aspects you need. Take your time and savor the materials, style and experience.

3 - If you feel more than slight pain and if pain persists, see a medical professional; someone who job, profession and qualifications make him suitable as a medical practitioner. Do not consult uncle Google or uncle Charlie; seek professional medical attention.

4 - Be so kind to subscribe to the Shaolin Academy Cyber Program introduced above under the heading 'What you need to train Shaolin Academy Material at home!' Although we share this because we really love the art and style, we also really love to eat and have the occasional cup-of-coffee. For a very small yearly fee we support you by answering questions and providing this information!

5 - Communicate with Sijo as often as you need. He is not always right but he is never wrong.

Shaolin Academy Bare Hand Kung Fu Forms

Temple Kung Fu Shaolin 5 Animal Kung Fu Levels
Emei Shan Kwantung Fukien Wudang Shaolin Tiger Kung Fu Panther Kung Fu Crane Kung Fu Snake Kung Fu
Gray Sash Level 1, Emei Shan Temple White Sash Level 2, Kwantung Temple Yellow Sash level 3, Fukien Temple Kung Fu Orange Sash Level 4, Wudang Temple Kung Fu Green Sash Level 5, Shaolin Temple 5 Animal Kung Fu Advanced Level Kung Fu, Shaolin Tiger Style Advanced Level Kung Fu, Shaolin Panther/Leopard Style Advanced Level Kung Fu, Shaolin Crane Style Advanced Level Kung Fu, Shaolin Snake Style
Advanced & Specialist Level Kung Fu, Iron Body
Advanced & Specialist Level Kung Fu, Demon Claws

Shaolin Academy Weaponry Forms

Long Weapon Styles
Traditional Chinese Weaponry, Shaolin Iron Staff Traditional Chinese Weaponry, The Sun and Moon Saber Traditional Chinese Weaponry, The 'Bar Guest's' Chair Defence Form Traditional Chinese Weaponry, Fatale Flute, Whipping Staff Form Traditional Chinese Weaponry Recreational Routine, The Thief and the Vagabond, a staff duel Traditional Chinese Weaponry, Red Eagle Spear Traditional Chinese Weaponry, Ghost Spear
Traditional Chinese Weaponry, The 'Bar Guest's' Chair Defence Form Traditional Chinese Weaponry, The Sun and Moon Saber Traditional Chinese Weaponry, Tiger Trident Traditional Chinese Weaponry, Shaolin Monk's Spade Traditional Chinese Weaponry, The 1st of the Wood Chopping Long Axe Forms, Mad Monk Axe Traditional Chinese Weaponry, Duan Da Dao, Long Handled Broad Sword Kwan Dao, Yan Yie Dao, Quan Dao the Polearm of General Gwan Yu, the Red Faced General
Short Weapon Styles
Traditional Chinese Weaponry, Shaolin Tiger Broad Sword Traditional Chinese Weaponry, The 'Bar Guest's' Chair Defence Form Kwan Dao, Yan Yie Dao, Quan Dao the Polearm of General Gwan Yu, the Red Faced General Traditional Chinese Weaponry, The Confusing Whilring Dancing Chinese Broad Sword Traditional Chinese Weaponry, Wudang Straight Sword Traditional Chinese Weaponry, Two Handed Chinese Battle Broad Sword Traditional Chinese Weaponry, Twin Broad Sword Form Hawk Wings
Unique Weapon Styles
Traditional Chinese Weaponry, The 'Bar Guest's' Chair Defence Form Traditional Chinese Weaponry, Shaolin Monk's Spade Martial Art Weapon Skills, the Alimunium Ladder Traditional Chinese Weaponry, Deceptive/Drunk Walking Stick
Member Developed Show Items and Forms
Traditional Chinese Weaponry Recreational Routine, The Thief and the Vagabond, a staff duel Traditional Chinese Weaponry Recreational Routine, The Thief and the Vagabond, a staff duel Traditional Chinese Weaponry Recreational Routine, The Thief and the Vagabond, a staff duel Traditional Chinese Weaponry Recreational Routine, The Thief and the Vagabond, a staff duel

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