Thank you for visiting Shaolin Kung Fu Academy WEB site! Here you will find information about the Shaolin Kung Fu Academy Australia, Shaolin Kung Fu style, our people who teach our members. If you like what you see live around Mordialloc (Parkdale, Braeside, Aspendale Gardens, Mentone, Dingly Village, Morabbin, Chelsea Heights, Edithvale, Chelsea...) or Camberwell (Canterbury, Surrey Hills, Ashburton, Armadale, Box Hill South....) ; come in and join us for three Free sessions and see if you like Kung Fu! You'll never ever know unless you give it a go!

The Shaolin Kung Fu Academy teaches and trains Traditional (not Wushu) Shaolin Kung Fu techniques that can be 1000's of years old or just 150 years young. We focus on situation management not conflict and violence. Shaolin Kung Fu is a tool and a way of life that enables us to feel secure and confident, backing up our desire for peaceful and amicable solutions. The blend of tried and established Kung Fu techniques blended with strategies from ancient masters of strategy and tactic (ie Sun Tsu, Musashi) and modern masters of life and health (SR Kovey, Edward DeBono) give the Shaolin Academy Kung Fu a good balance (Yin and Young) of the Traditional and the 21st Century.

Shaolin Kung Fu Academy practitioners are not violent and never attack seeking to 'manage' a situation rather than a fight. But they do learn how to manage confronting and dangerous situations physically, mentally and spiritually considering the Law, Civility and Appropriateness. Defence against superior odds and multiple opponents including weaponed attackers is all part of the Health and fitness training using Kung Fu techniques. You will not master this overnight but you will, bit by bit become Shaolin.

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