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Advanced Animal Kung Fu Form, Blue Scorpion

Yes, there is a Blue Scorpion! It is a real, animal. There is such a thing as Scorpion Fist although it is a lost style. The Blue Scorpion is possibly the most benign Scorpion from the species; it doesn't eat other Scorpions like many do and it's venom has lately been found to be beneficial for fighting some forms of Cancer. This is a very good reason to give the Shaolin Triple Striking form the name of Blue Scorpions.

Developed as a Black Sash form over a period of 1½ years, this form was developed to be a multiple strike at multiple vital points. As with many 'specialist strike' forms, it employs various forms of Kung Fu but seeks to specialize in Fast Fist style for it's high techniques and Long Fist strikes combined with the Scorpions triple strikes from a low stance.

Unfortunately, this is the only recording we have; fortunately we have a recording of the form with the form developer Sifu Danny G.