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One Arm Wudang Temple Cripple Kung Fu Form

Taught to Traditional KF Stylist to appreciate the possibilities!


The material on this page may look simple and easy but it is not! There is a lot of skill required to learn and practice these skills. We strongly recommend that you do not attempt these unless you are part of the Shaolin Academy Cyber Program or under the guidance of a Kung Fu master!

About the Cripple Aspect of Kung Fu

Although most any style can be adapted to suit special challenges, Kung Fu has been modified in the past to suit person with physical disabilities such as active soldiers and injured guards. It was the Invasion of China in 1645 CE that saw the need for many to adapt their Kung Fu styles in many ways as Kung Fu and the carrying of any weapons was forbidden by punishment of death. This required teachers and masters to seek new way of training their students. This saw the founding of Secret Societies, the creation of simplified martial arts (ie Wing Chung), hidden ways of training (Tai Chi) and the use of non-traditional fighters including those damaged by the wars and women. Styles developed for slighter person, people cooperating together and the use of 'cripples' as hidden assets. Four specialist forms were formalized for special needs persons; One Armed, One Legged, No Legged and Blind. Each of these have their special challenges.

In this level you see the Wudang Style 'One Armed Bandit' Form developed for a strongish person with two good legs but only one fully functioning arm. A useful form that can be also used, as it was in this case, where Sifu Chris injured himself weeks before and could not compete for the National Titles unless he did so with a Cripple Form.

A brilliant rendition of the form an this is the best recording we have of this.


And as per usual, we strongly recommend that you have the skills and abilities for the Lead-up to this levels shown just below.


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