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The Spirit of the Shaolin Academy

A slightly more philosophical look at the Shaolin Kung Fu Academy

Sijo Robert Z, Shaolin 5 Animal Kung Fu Academy's Chief Instructor and Manager
Sijo Robert from the 1980's


What is the function of a martial art school? For most, it is to teach martial arts; obviously. But do we really need professionals churning out more people who have learned to be violent and to bash their fellow human beings? Fortunately, there are only very few such martial arts around.... now days. Most focus on one or many of the key specialities of martial art instruction including; Self-defence, confidence through skill and interaction, Moral improvement through winning competitions, fitness and health though structured exercise and many more. There are many benefits and almost no downside to martial art training from a professional, experienced and reputable martial art school;.. with exceptions. But the Shaolin Style of Kung Fu is a bit different.

Whole of Life is the key word with Shaolin Kung Fu. The skills you learn in Shaolin Kung Fu are usable from the age of 13 to the age of.... however long you live. Yes, any sport, actively can practiced or performed at any age, no doubt, but often they aren't. Shaolin Kung Fu was developed for Shaolin Monks, who could live a very long life, thanks to their Kung Fu training. One of the key reasons for this is that Shaolin Kung Fu started it's life as a hard yoga style. Add 1500 years of practice and adaptation to the need of young Shaolin novices, mid-life Journeymen and senior Masters, Shaolin Kung Fu has a blend of Yoga, Breathing Exercises, Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Meditation, Fitness Routines and Self-defence that adapts to the needs of the practitioner along the lines that NOT all people are the same and the same people are not even the same as time goes on. Shaolin Kung Fu is wide and YOU choose which part you want to do as you need it.

There is a draw back.... Where as for most styles reaching the Black Sash, Black Belt or Black Single is the achievement, in Shaolin Kung Fu, it is actually the real start. In Shaolin there is so much more to learn and discover that it take much, much longer to achieve your personal best. But this negative is also a positive, as there is more to learn, there is more mental, spiritual and physical variety and stimulation!

The pursuit of Health, Fitness and Growth through Shaolin Kung Fu training without using this skill to hurt or damage any living being.

Our Principles

The Shaolin 5 Animal Kung Fu Academy follows the principles, practices and teachings of Shaolin Kung Fu, as we understand it to have been during the Ming Dynasty era, between the 12 and 17th Century (which was considered to be the peak of Shaolin 5 Animal Kung Fu). The Shaolin 5 Animal Kung Fu Academy will train, develop and mentor its Instructors and Members in the art of Shaolin Kung Fu, Shaolin 5 Animal Kung Fu with the focus on Safety, Health, Defence, Control and Efficient Effectiveness!

We will do this within the framework of Safety, Law, Equal Opportunity, Honor and Enjoyment using the Instruct Standards as guidelines to achieve and exceed. Following are our most important guides of operation.

Spirit of the Shaolin Academy
Sihing Isabella, a gentle person.

What we aim for

The Shaolin Academy teaches Kung Fu with the Intent for Personal Physical, Mental and Spiritual development without following any single Course, Religion, Philosophy or Doctrine. The sole purpose of Shaolin Kung Fu is as a tool to assist and allow it's students to discover their true selves, many of their abilities and skills with the possible achievement of periods of Enlightenment through Shaolin Kung Fu training and Practice. We also seek to develop the Mind and Body to promote a Healthy, Informed and Safe Lifestyle by promoting Good Posture, Healthy Habits, Sound Attitude, Caring and Involved Action and Enjoyment.

What we avoid

The Shaolin Academy will do what is within it's abilities to create a Safe Environment through Safe Thinking, Acting, Training and Teaching Practices. Further, the Shaolin Academy will avoid promoting the propagation of harm, hurt or damage to any living being promoting non violent, non aggressive (passive or active) forms of defence and avoidance with the use of physical and metal Kung Fu only when there is a serious threatening situation to the practitioner or their charges (family, partner, children)!

What we hope for

To create long term relationships with our members and if possible even their family's (members choice) for no other reason than the pure pleasure of human interaction, even after these members cease to actively participate in the training. We hope to have long term active members who feel that they can train and be part of the activities for their whole life, even past their retirement.

What we believe

We believe that "each person is only worth the value of their word". But to achieve this one need the inner strength, confidence and want to be able to do this without fearing that they can not meet the consequences. We believe that each person has the right to free speech, action and thought whilst not impeding, impinging or threatening others right to free will, action or thought. We believe that each person has the right to define and follow their path to happiness, growth, development, etc without restricting others of the same rights.

Additional Benefits

We consider that the skill of Martial Arts and Self Protection are the tools not the object of Shaolin Kung Fu Training. Although Shaolin Kung Fu is the best form of martial art in the world (alright, one or two people may argue this point) the main benefits of training Shaolin Kung Fu are less tangible and relate to improved health, better posture, stronger will, clearer mind, greater confidence, easy human interaction, greater strength, better focus, improved patience, increased hand-eye coordination..........and more.

Try it out or Gift Free Training to a Special Person!

The Real Spirit of Shaolin Academy!

Below are the most significant of Shaolin 5 Animal Kung Fu Academy students. Each and everyone has earned themselves the title of Arhat! We are not saying that these people are perfect in every way, that is impossible. What this means that each of these embodies at least one Shaolin Ideal in a most worthy and respectable way.

Sibo Dagmar Z, co-founder of the Shaolin 5 Animal Kung Fu Academy, Tai Chi Master, chief Meditation Teacher Sifu Audrey, will always be the 1st Student and Instructor; Champion and Perfectionist Sifu Wayne, the doer, the fighter and the teacher; never really stopping for anything Sihing Paul, a great operator and personwho left us at age 35, too soon, too soon Sifu Vaness, the best of the best, who flew high and.... Sifu Chris the gentle giant, the champion and the healer Sihing Luke who will always seek the better or not seek at all Sifu Sarah who flies high and quickly, lands hard and takes off again Sifu John, the mind of Einstine, the ability of who ever he wishes Sihing Carlisel, no one ever worked harder and was more consistant Sihing Sam, who put the flair, the show and the ability into everything Sihing James our Monkey Boy with many hiden abilities and skills Sihng Daniel, the power and the determination Sihing Ash, the mind of a surgeon and ready to use it Sihing Anthony, the heart and style of a Lion Sihing James, the moving mountain, the unstopable bear

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