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Shaolin Academy, The Shaolin Temple Wushu Form No1

From the Home of Shaolin Kung Fu, the Shaolin Temple, Henan, China


The material on this page may look simple and easy but it is not! There is a lot of skill required to learn and practice these skills. We strongly recommend that you do not attempt these unless you are part of the Shaolin Academy Cyber Program or under the guidance of a Kung Fu master!

Shaolin Temple Training School No1 Form

The Shaolin Academy made a pilgrimage to the birth place of the Shaolin Style, the Shaolin Temple. Attached to the temple are two complexes, the Pagoda Forest and the Shaolin temple Training School at which we stayed and trained under the watchful eye and teaching of the Shaolin temple training Schools Chief Instructor. At the end of our stay we were graded on the form and all who graded passed!

What you see is the Shaolin Temple No1 Wushu Form being demonstrated by Sifu 3rd Degree Chris S., in the actual Shaolin temple forecourt to the Great Hall. We thought it a good idea of putting on a Show for the visitors of the Shaolin temple and featured several Shaolin Academy Forms including the form we were learning at the time. We attracted over 100 spectators to our 30 minute performance after which we found out that we were the first non Chinese in current history to do anything of the sort in the temple; and it seems also no one has been allowed since. We were either very good or.....

There are around 12 minutes of video including some of our training and the final performances of our members at the official Temple School grading,

To better understand the form and the Animal Style we strongly recommend that you are familiar with all the techniques and skills of the 5 Shaolin Academy Temple levels (Also listed below) and study the Shaolin Crane Kung Fu level before commencing training this form.


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