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Chinese Wushu, Tiger & Crane Form

The Advanced version of the 1st Tiger and Crane, Golden Lion Form


The material on this page may look simple and easy but it is not! There is a lot of skill required to learn and practice these skills. We strongly recommend that you do not attempt these unless you are part of the Shaolin Academy Cyber Program or under the guidance of a Kung Fu master!

Wushu Tiger and Crane Form

This is one of the first forms that came from China in the 80's when they started spreading the concept of Wushu. It was par for the course to learn and understand this new generation of Chinese Martial Arts. Now 30 years later there is a clearer view of what Wushu is but then....

The form is expertly interpreted by Sifu 3rd Degree Vanessa C and Sifu 2nd Degree Wayne N.

To better understand the form and the Animal Style we strongly recommend that you are familiar with all the techniques and skills of the 5 Shaolin Academy Temple levels (Also listed below) and study the Shaolin Crane Kung Fu level before commencing training this form.


Home Training Info Temple Kung Fu, the Foundation Levels Animal/Advanced Kung Fu
Shaolin Cyber Kung Fu Gray Sash White Sash Yellow Sash Orange Sash Green Sash Tiger Style Crane Style 1st Tiger & Crane
Gray Sash Level 1, Emei Shan Temple White Sash Level 2, Kwantung Temple Yellow Sash level 3, Fukien Temple Kung Fu Orange Sash Level 4, Wudang Temple Kung Fu Green Sash Level 5, Shaolin Temple 5 Animal Kung Fu Shaolin Snake Kung Fu, Shaolin 5 Animal Kung Fu Shaolin Snake Kung Fu, Shaolin 5 Animal Kung Fu Shaolin Snake Kung Fu, Shaolin 5 Animal Kung Fu