L1 Gray Sash Prologue

The beginning is the most important part of the work. -- Plato

Note - Sijo is referring, in his initial statement, to the Shaolin Academy Introduction Video that was a part of this recording.

The Background to the 1st Shaolin Kung Fu Level

Welcome - I (Sijo Robert Z) welcome you to the journey of the 'Great Path'. This is the beginning of what promises to be an exciting and interesting future for you. On the journey of 'the Great Path' you will improve your health, fitness and general well being. Many of your abilities will be honed including your coordination, balance, flexibility, agility and reflexes. Your endurance and stamina will improve steadily and safely.

For these are the physical aspects of Shaolin Kung Fu.

You will also have the opportunity to further develop your interpersonal and leadership skills, time and project management abilities, your vision, aim and goal setting capabilities. You will improve your quality of life through relaxation and chi (inner energy, life force) development.

For these are the mental aspects of Shaolin Kung Fu.

The Great Path will also enable you to develop and improve your will-power and discipline, focus and direction, decision making and action abilities, inner calm and tranquillity, breathing and chi, presence and force of being and much more. We practice a lifestyle art, which will help you in many aspects of your life, not just that one time that you may need to defend yourself.

For these are the spiritual aspects of Shaolin Kung Fu.

The opportunity is now yours. The direction you take and the challenges you choose are, and always will be, your choice! Again, welcome to School of Shaolin Kung Fu Australia. I look forward to working with you on this most important first level and all thereafter!

So again Welcome! - Sijo