The Power of Earth Chi, Stances & Foundation

You should be a solid as a rock or as light as a feather. - Sijo

The Foundation of Kung Fu, Stances & Postures

You are either Technique focused our Outcome focused. Outcome focused has quicker and easier results but can also have harmful long term consequences and often leads to a limited set of techniques; only those that seem efficient). Whereby technical focused you are interested in the detail of the technique and how it works before you look at what it can do. Although, these two approaches are opposed to each other they need to be melded together and a good student will switch between one and the other. the Shaolin Way is though to fully understand the technique before examining "what it can do for you".

Your Kung Fu can only be as good as your foundations and that is meant in both ways; how good is your Earth connection through your stance and posture and how well learned are the principle techniques. In this and the next level, the Stance are both, Principle techniques and very significant in how well you connect to your Earth (chi). If you learn nothing from these pages, at least learn the 5 Principle Stances. Three of which are covered here. AND if you want to learn anything about Shaolin and Kung Fu, learn about these stances! If you don't believe what you are reading, ask any Kung Fu, Chi Kung or Martial Art Master. Most will agree that your foundation is the key to your future success and progress.

Unless you have unequal lengths of leg (then i would suggest working in special equalizing training shoes), look for achieving the perfect upright posture with equal balance left and right, forward and backward. See video for more detail.