L1 Dragon Kick

A Shaolin Kick is not just a Kick. - Sijo

Stealing Breath

In Shaolin, Dragon techniques are those that can be executed to great effect but not cause great damage. Together with the Dragon/Straight/Stone Punch, the Dragon Kick seeks to target the Solar Plexus; and this makes it a very usable technique. Unlike the Straight Punch, the Dragon Kick is not usually aimed at the solar plexus but at the floating ribs. Why you may ask?

Well, it is too powerful. With impact being in a upward angle and with the leg muscles being vastly stronger then arm muscles (usually), the amount of damage an incorrect Dragon technique can do is unconscionable. Thus the preferred target for the Dragon Front Kick are the Floating Ribs on any your size and larger and the abdomen/stomach on anyone smaller than you.

The Dragon Front Kick is the Dragon Front Kick but but there are 13 different ways to deliver it. You will not learn all of the delivery methods and this bit of information is again a bit of a teaser and preview with the purpose of 'suggesting', strongly, that this technique be learned well and practiced often.

In Shaolin Kicks are considered the secret weapon. Mobility is the number one function for your legs, defence number two and then and only then would you consider using you legs for counter-attack. This is not to say that you do not use you kicks; this is to say that when you use them either be sure that they have the desired outcome; either because you stop the attacker or because you feinted with them.