Finding Your Foundation

Posture is more powerful than a Punch - Vanessa C.

How strong & straight you stand is how strong you seem.

It is not only about being strong and healthy. Your ability to maintain a good posture is an important key to a long, healthy and pain free life. Your ability to move is another key to a long healthy and independent life; and if you think this is to early to think about it - your wrong!

Mobility is better than fortification. - Sun Tsu

Although Mobility and Stability seem to be a contradiction they belong together like Day and Night; without the one you don't really have the other. Our ability to have a solid stance/foundation in such a way that we can change to quick mobility and back again is possibly back again into stillness is an awesome skill in martial arts. If you are able to embrace this concept and work on it, you will gave grasped one of the major keys of Shaolin Kung Fu.

Not all the items featured here are required on this level, yet they are good items to train to have a head start on developing a good posture, a strong foundation and the beginnings of superior mobility. The best way to improve your chances of winning is surprise; the best way of not loosing is not to be there. Now work out how this all helps you!