13 Directional Kicking System

You need your legs for Mobility and Foundation; your Kicks are the something extra.

Use Sparingly and Strategically

Mobility is the key and when you lift your leg to kick with it you give up this aspect for a short time. Smart attackers will step-in on your kick and then it is usually over. In Shaolin Kung Fu we use kicks as a bonus, a finisher, a surprise not as the main course. Yet, we do use kicks and effectively. It is thus important to master each kick for both efficiency and effectiveness.

A mule will labor ten years willingly and patiently for you, for the privilege of kicking you once. - William Faulkner

With this Kicking Exercise you learn to apply your Kicks when you need to not when the situation is best. kicking around corners and in unexpected directions is just the way a Kick should be used, as a surprise, a finish not as the main attraction. This routine also helps with focus, balance, directionality, control and a few other skills. If you are practicing kicking, do it the Shaolin Way, twice, once 13 kicks left around and once 13 kicks right around.

Kicking is not the first choice for defence but it is the best choice as Health and Fitness exercise. Aside from sparring, nothing give you a workout like 1000 kicks
- Sijo at a fitness seminar.