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Emei Shan Breathing Set

Focus on Breath, Chi, Posture, Relaxation, Flexibility and Meditation


The material on this page may look simple and easy but it is not! There is a lot of skill required to learn and practice these skills. We strongly recommend that you do not attempt these unless you are part of the Shaolin Academy Cyber Program or under the guidance of a Kung Fu master!

The 1st Form

It is always telling in any Traditional Martial Art style, the form they choose to teach their beginner level students. It is a difficult choice as the first form will always be the first form. Will they look back at the form and consider it obsolete when they have learned a few more advanced forms? Will they learn the form and then forget about it? Will it be so difficult that it is an almost impossible form to get really right? It is such a significant insight into any martial art or kung fu style.

The Emei Shan form is the 1st form at the Shaolin Academy as it seeks to teach the three most important aspects about Shaolin Kung Fu. Foundation, Posture and breath Development! This tells anyone really interested how relevant the form is and how relevant it will be in the future. The Emei Shan form is the No1 1 form, not because it is learned first but it is learned 1st because it is the No 1 Shaolin breathing set bar none!

So, here is a simple request; learn the form well and proper. Do not rush it. First learn the movements; then improve your posture performing the form (back, toes, chin up, etc), then improve the detail of the forms movements and directions; and then add the 4 step breathing to it! Do it this way and no other way!