The Importance of Posture and Correct Breathing

What we need most (it seems) we take for granted the most. - Sijo

Vital Air, Powerful Posture.

Is one leg a bit stronger than the other. Possibly one foot turned out a bit more than the other foot. Maybe you are not really stepping from heel over to the big toe. Or worst still you don't know??! Walking, talking, breathing, moving; when is the last time you made a concerted effort to review how well you abilities are in these field and check if they may be causing you harm?

Well here is a good chance to have a good lock at yourself and better still have a person who has dedicated most of their time Kung Fu and his Members, have a look at you and give you feedback. You see, when we say kung fu we do not mean kicking and punching but the true meaning of kung fu (gong fu) which loosly translated means achievement through hard work and correct effort. Yes, Shaolin Kung Fu uses martial arts but it is for health, fitness and well being. The martial art is just an added benefit.