Shaolin Panther Kung Fu, No3 Claw, Eagle

Double Action and Double the Effect


The material on this page may look simple and easy but it is not! There is a lot of skill required to learn and practice these skills. We strongly recommend that you do not attempt these unless you are part of the Shaolin Academy Cyber Program or under the guidance of a Kung Fu master!

3 - Eagles Talons


An animal that has inspired many meaning both physical and spiritual. Aside from the account that Eagle Claw Kung Fu originated from the 12th century based on Elephant Style, there are a number of accounts originating it in the Shaolin Temple. One of the more famous Eagle Claw practitioners Master Lily Lau has the following under the heading Eagle Claw History. 'Eagle Claw Kung Fu was invented during the "Sung" Dynasty. Its popularity however, did not come until the" Ming" Dynasty. It is said that a monk named Lai Chun, who was a famous practitioner of the Fan Tsi style developed an interest in the Eagle Claw techniques. He invested a great deal of time training and improving the techniques which he incorporated into a new set of Fan Tsi Eagle Claw Kung Fu fighting techniques.

It is also around the same time that Eagle Kung Fu was reported to be know to the Shaolin Temple but as with most of the other styles in the many-style-time of Shaolin, was all amalgamated into the Shaolin 5 Animal System.

The Shaolin Eagles Flight

There are some wonderful Eagle Systems out there, Eagle Claw seems to dominate and that can happen when you have a consistent and good proponent of the style; a bit like what Ip Man did for Wing Chung. But there is another Eagle Style from the time of the Ming Dynasty, Imperial Eagle. It was the style of the Elite Chinese Imperial Guards and was very much about sudden death techniques. The best fighters were taken and each received a special Eagle Guard Technique that they would train to perfection. The better you were (and loyal) the closer you were to the Emperors Guards. Of course, some of these guards were also used for Royal Family personal reasons but that is another story.

Using the Eagle Claw

the Neck is a very popular target for Tiger Style normally!. But as we do not do any maiming or killing techniques, the neck is off-limits for the Powerful Tiger and thus perfect for the less powerful Eagle Claw. Using the Claw, just as a Claw we can grab the neck around the side under the ear. A short, sharp pressure applied here has a wonderful effect on aggressive persons who are attacking you. Especially if you can develop good finger-claw strength, this is a technique that usually has instantaneous results.

You will also want to strengthen the three relevant fingers and for this you may want to again, squeeze wax/plasteline/putty but also do three-finger push-ups. This is meant to be used by a lighter person, so the three finger push-ups is a good measure to see if your body size is right for this technique. If you are two big you will usually not be able to do the required 20 push-ups on three fingers.