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Panther in the Grass Form

How to get the most from what there is!


The material on this page may look simple and easy but it is not! There is a lot of skill required to learn and practice these skills. We strongly recommend that you do not attempt these unless you are part of the Shaolin Academy Cyber Program or under the guidance of a Kung Fu master!

The Shaolin Panther

Grass Panther is the precursor to the Vagabond Style. The Grass Panther specializes in using the terrain, object and what ever is at hand, it is not quite the 5D's of the Vagabonds (Deception, Distraction, Deceit, Delusion and Disinformation) but it comes close to how the grass Panther Choose to use the terrain and object that are part of the terrain.

There are a number of ways, quite a number of ways that a Panther Stylist can specialize themselves and the use of what is given is one of these. The Grass Panther would master the art of Camouflage and being Invisible in plain sight (using the terrain) or in turn would move around in such a way that an attacker would possibly trip, have to go around objects or even drive an attacker to distraction. All this is a milder form of the advanced Panther style Vagabond.

We have made a 'play' addendum to our recording of the Grass Panther Form which is meant to show what is mean by all the above. If you choose this as your form, you will need to tell us how this can be applied in Sparring both Verbal and Physical.

Please do not attempt this form without proper guidance and contact us at theShaolin Academy


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