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The Warrior Axe & Red Shield Form
A simple Weapon combined with an Effective Defence.


Before attempting this form we suggest you have a look at The Tiger Broad Sword before working on this form. This is a Pre-requisite for accreditation in this style!

The Axe is a Dangerous and Limited Weapon. Aside from it's multifunction ability as a Tool, Throwing Weapon and Combat Weapon, the amount of techniques that can be executed effectively is one; chopping (and throwing but then you no longer have an axe). Therefore combining the Axe with the Tiger Face Shield is a brilliant and effective pairing for several good reasons.

As demonstrated in the form, the first action of the routine is to throw an Axe at the attackers and then grab the 2nd Axe from behind the Shield! This Axe throwing is far more devastating and effective than it sounds. The Axe has the penchant to ricochet, bounce and rebound of Shields, Ground and Hard Heads. Not a usual way to use the Chinese Axe but very effective. That is why, in theory, you have two Axes in this form, the first you throw at the beginning ahead of the charge and the 2nd you used until almost the very end where this is also thrown and there is a short segment of Bare Hands defence focused on just Shield Work.

This recording is shown at 'learning' speed for our International Members. If you ever choose to learn this form and have it 'accredited' by the Shaolin Academy, this is the speed at which you would perform the Axe and Shield on your First Grading.

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