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The Mad Monk Long Axe Form
from the Wood-chopping series of Axe Forms.

This is a very advanced form/style. We strongly recommend/request that you seek accreditation first in the;

  1. Shaolin Iron Staff

For the Strong and the Solid comes this 1st of the Wood-chopping Axe Form series. This is the Form that requires the least amount of body mass to perform. Not the short grip and the lack of the traditional Tree Chopping Action that precedes the other 4 forms. This form introduces the practitioner to the easiest and shortest of the Great Axe Forms, the Mad Monks Axe.

A caution when performing this form; TAKE IT EASY initially. The Axe is not a well balanced tool and meant to be very top heavy. An Long Axe Wielder only strikes when success is assured; as once the Axe motion is committed to, a recovery from a mis is not really possible or feasible. The Long Axe is not great as a melee weapon but great for intimidation and from Horse Back, if you have the strength.

The Other great Wood Choppers Axe Forms are;

  1. Mad Monk Axe Form
  2. Wood Choppers Axe Form
  3. Riding Warrior Axe Form
  4. Twins Axe Form (2 Person Cooperating)
  5. Fire Axe Form

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