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You will find answers to some of the many questions we have been asked over the past three decades in regards to kung fu. All these answered are such as we would give, if we were asked; from the perspective of Shaolin. This possibly, needs to be the first item explained.

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What is Shaolin

Shaolin kung fu is NOT a martial art. Shaolin Kung Fu is a health and fitness exercise and style, developed from Yogic roots, to have Shaolin Monks maintain their health and fitness. Shaolin Monks are Buddhists and avoid causing any living being harm as they believe that this will have negative consequences on their current and future lives. But, they existed in violent times and needed to protect themselves. So, they turned their yoga and chi kung health and fitness exercises into martial art training. In this way, they trained for their health betterment (internal kung fu) while having the confidence to protect themselves at the temple and in their journeys (external kung fu)!

What is Shaolin Kung Fu's main aim?

Confidence, real confidence, and comfort in managing conflict situations and life's challenges! It is not about fighting but about having the confidence in yourself, which allows you to remain cool and in control where others are agitated and panicked, rushing into avoidable mistakes and even fights. No, it is not about walking away from conflict and difficult situations but about management. The simple guide is,If you know Kung Fu, you will not need it. Never turn your back on an agressor or opponent, this is foolish and can have disastrous consequences.

Is training Shaolin Kung Fu Dangerous?

At the Shaolin Academy, in almost 30 years of operations, we have only had minor training incidents and always because students have experimented outside of the framework of our training. Yes, there is the occasional bump and bruise at the senior levels where we contact train. Beginner level students have never been injured or hurt and only participate in contact training if they want and are suitably trained. We also use protective equipment, whatever the person requires, to feel and be safe. Again, no 1st-year student has ever been hurt!

Why is the Shaolin Kung Fu Academy the better choice?

Experience! Sijo Robert Z started training martial arts in 1962 at age nine. He trained Judo, Karate, Aikido before he came across Kung Fu in 1982. Even at age 68, he still teaches every class ably assisted by experienced Shaolin Kung Fu practitioners qualified in Shaolin Kung Fu and teaching. We are not a franchise or have many locations, and there is only one Shaolin Kung Fu Academy in Mordialloc, 37 Albert Street. We have been around for almost 30 years, and we hope to be around for a long while longer. Most importantly, Sijo and his instructors care. They teach and train kung fu because they love it, not because it earns them money.

What is Five Animal Kung Fu?

When Shaolin Kung Fu was in its infancy, about 500 years old, Shaolin Monks realized that they could learn the ways, means, and animals' strategies. No, they did not act like tigers and cranes but did know the hunters' predatory ways and the defensive ways of the hunted. Only by understanding these aspects of conflict can one manage a dangerous situation. Shaolin 5 Animal Kung Fu developed over the next 500 years in the Shaolin Temple to be the best and safest health and fitness, self-protection, and conflict resolution style in the world. It is what Shaolin Monks needed in the dangerous times of the 1st and second millennium.

(Yes, in movies and some Chinese Wushu styles, you see practitioners acting like the animal style they train. This may be for effect and look interesting, but in real life, you do not give away your advantage by announcing that you are a martial artist and giving away your style and way.)

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