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It's about our Members and how we care about them, here and now and in the future!

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Are some operational details of the Shaolin Kung Fu Academy including our Mission, Vision and Values. Any information in addition that you would like, please contact Sijo Robert Z on Phone - 0458 shaolin (742654) or email e-mail - Thank you.


  1. To teach, develop and practice Shaolin Kung Fu in the fundamental, non violent style of the Shaolin Temple Monks; based on the fundamentals of the Buddhist Philosophy of non-aggression and non-violence.
  2. To create an environment of exercise, learning and training founded Safety, Health and Fitness using Shaolin Martial Arts but not limiting to just being a martial art!
  3. To balance the ways and methods of traditional health, fitness and well-being incorporating the modern, scientific based leanings of sport, martial art and safety.


  1. To lead a life within the principle of Peaceful Health and Well-being helping to improve the Human Spiritual and Worlds Environment.
  2. Providing development to young and mature to develop and enhance their abilities, skills and well-being without reservation or motivation other than the members needs and wants.
  3. Establish traditional/original Shaolin Kung Fu as the best Health and Fitness exercise as well as the most usable and effective martial art form focusing on the need for a martial art skill as a foundation to life and a peaceful existence and well-being.


  1. Safety, first and always, short, medium, long term or any term.
  2. To teach self-defence that offers no harm and no offense where possible and little harm and pain where necessary.
  3. To put members needs first where possible and be open and honest where it may not be possible.
  4. To be truthful and honorable; in being and in spirit.
  5. To strive to be the best one can be and help those who seek to be the best they can be.

Policies & Principles by which we are Governed

Principles and visions are all good and well and are the guiding force but when it comes down to business, we need clear and precise statements of intent and operations to comply with legal requirements. For this reason there are a number of documents that guide our operation in specific areas. For the verbalization and testing of these guides we thank the MAIA and Walt Missingham for the most.

Indemnity Agreement

Trademark Registration

Free Training Voucher

Code of Conduct

Business Details

Established ABN VBN Owner/Director Phone e-mail
Wednesday 24 June 1992 96 718 093 914 B18 734 40U Robert Z 0458 (SHAOLIN) 742 654

Training Location

Main Kwoon (Studio)
37 Albert (cnr Lewis St)
Victoria, Australia

Director and Founding Master

Chief Instructor Sijo Robert Z

Prime Instructor

Di Sifu Anthony C.

Senior Instructor

Sifu 2nd Degree Martyn McD.

Children's Main Instructor

Sihing Matthew P.


Sihing Damon H.

Sihing Robert G.

Sihing Michael T.

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