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Shaolin Kung Fu, we Enjoy what we do, and we do what we enjoy!

Welcome to the Shaolin Kung Fu
Family Martial Arts and Wellness Academy.

Our Training days and times, Tue, Wed, Thr 6pm, Sat 10.30am, Kids Sat 9.15am

If you know Kung Fu, you will probably never need it.

Success is about believing that you can succeed. There is no magic involved but hard work and a little luck. But without the confidence to try, to persevere, and to overcome obstacles and prejudices, nothing will happen.

Kung Fu is a beautiful style developed by Monks of the Shaolin Temple in Central China. Initially, a Yoga style Breathing, Meditation, Stretching, Fitness, and Health exercise, it needed to adapt also to be functional to keep the monks safe.

One of the most critical skills of success is failure. Only when you are comfortable with failure can you have the confidence to try and succeed. The fear of failure limits your life options and often has you stuck in the same-old, same-old. If you can not deal with failing, you can hardly succeed. You can read about success, how other people achieved success, but they are not you. Only by trying to accomplish can you learn and then succeed. That is why people fear success! The only way to get there is to try and have the confidence to fail. But to do this, you need to improve your self-confidence.

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, said, "Confidence comes from discipline and training."

Training kung fu, training your body, mind, and spirit in the 1500-year-old art of safe self-defense builds confidence, no matter your age. You can start with children age six and over, and we have members who were over seventy training with us. In our children's training on Saturdays, at 9.15 am, our Tiny Tigers learn to enjoy their training and have fun while learning to manage their bodies and minds. To encourage family, one parent can train with their child, which helps with bonding and confidence. Our adult classes have members aged ten to sixty-seven training alongside each other. This intermix of people develops a comfort to be with different people types and ages. We have witnessed some spectacular success. Before making important decisions, sleep three times!

"Experience tells you what to do; confidence allows you to do it." - Stan Smith

Come along and try, three times for free. It is really the only way to know if Shaolin Kung Fu and we are right for you. But I encourage you to do all three training sessions before you make a decision.

You may have noticed the many buttons at the top of the page. Shaolin is almost 1500 years old. Our chief instructor is active in martial arts since 1962, teaching since 1974, and the Shaolin Academy is in uninterrupted operation since 1992. We know and have experience much in the way of martial arts and kung fu, and in a small way, we have included some of this information on our pages. But there is no substitute for just trying it out. Nike's slogan which is a key part of their branding since 1988 really says it all, Just Do It. Come in for the three free sessions and see if Kung Fu is You!

shaolin kung fu master

Finally; Kung Fu is my life; i am happy to answer any and most all questions about Kung Fu, Training, The Academy, any concerns you may have in trying out, most any, anything! You can ask these questions in most any way convenient to you that i (Sijo) use. Following are your options;